Jun 03

Andre’s Bench Installation and Flower Planting Event


Hi everyone. There is an event scheduled on June 4th, at Matsunami Park in Ishinomaki, Japan, to install a new memorial bench and to plant new flowers and trees. The bench is being installed in memory of Andre Lampson, a volunteer who was important to the success of our Ishinomaki Playground Project, and who passed away last December.

For those of you who are in the area and would like to attend, here is the event information:

10:00 AM – Installation of Andre’s bench. ベンチ寄贈式
東日本大震災により被災した石巻市松並公園に、アメリカの復興支援団体が子供向けの遊具、芝生、高齢者用の健康遊具を寄贈しました。そのボランティア事業 で活動していたアンドレ・ランプソン氏がご逝去され、そのご尽力を称えベンチを設置し、日米の架け橋になりますように

10:15 AM – Weeding and then planting flowers and trees. 公園の草むしりと、花や木の植栽

12:00 PM – Lunch (bring your lunch if you wish to stay). 昼食(各自持参)
During this time, there will be storytelling about the 3.11 experiences and learning about global issues and how the disaster affected areas around the world (you can leave at any time).
被災地の話や世界各国の事情について学ぶ時間 自由解散