Apr 21

Help Us Build a Special Playground

A child’s wish to help Japan… See About Us for more details.


Front of Gaman Wristband

We need your help to build this playground.



Mar 06

Playground Update

We have good news! We can build a playground now. However, there has been a change that we wanted you to know about.

With the third anniversary of the tsunami coming on 3/11, we felt it was important to ask those living near the park to make a decision and a meeting was recently held in Ishinomaki with the neighborhood leader, city officials, our volunteers and Playground of Hope. With the money raised so far, would we could build a commercial Rainbow playground this spring or we could continue to fundraise for the U.C. design, which may take another year or so (in order to raise the several hundred thousand dollars.) Those in Ishinomaki decided for us to go ahead with the commercial Rainbow playground for this spring which may be completed at the end of May. (More details to come.)

While the U.C. designed playground is incredibly inspiring, we know that time is an important factor for those in Ishinomaki. Our goal from the very beginning was to create a safe and meaningful place where the children and families could play. And we can achieve this goal this spring.

We are excited to move forward into the building phase of the Ishinomaki Playground Project. We will continue to fundraise for landscaping and outdoor exercise equipment for seniors to make this an inter-generational playground, and ask for your continued support as we move into this new and exciting phase.

Playground Meeting


Feb 20

Miya and her Grandmother, Sumiko

From Miya:

hello! my mother recently showed me about this picture of her mom and me in kimonos with fans and purses. I did not realize how cool this looked when she showed me the two pictures together. I believe i live through my grandma Sumiko. =(^.^)= meow!

Miya & Sumiko

Feb 07

Emiko’s Mother and Father

Two cultures brought together my mother from Ishinomaki and my father from Ohio. I miss them so, so much and wish they were here to see their granddaughter Miya and her love for both countries.

Tom & Sumiko Tate

Jan 17

New Sumo Squeezie

Hi everyone! We now have Sumo squeezies! These are made out of foam and are great to squeeze when you are feeling stressed. Plus they make you smile when you’re looking at them. Available for a $5 donations for our playground. Currently, they can be purchased at:

Sticks and Stones Designs at 10 South Broadway in Lebanon, OH now carries the SUMO SQUEEZIE Stress Ball. Address: 10 South Broadway Tel: 513-932-1945

Note: The store is expanding and will move across the street in February.

If you are not in the area, email us here on the web site and we will coordinate getting the SUMO SQUEEZIE to you.

Sumo Squeezie

Dec 10

Marty’s Hops and Vines Event on December 12

Come join us for a fun get-together at Marty’s Hops and Vine next Thurs. Dec. 12th from 6-8pm. See flyer below.

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